Weinerlebnisweg 6a


„They were very important for the winegrowers themselves. They are of a time when they had to walk to the vineyard early in the morning because they did not have a car. They took their food along and spent the break in the shelters“ And when the weather was bad, the winegrowers used the shelter to be protected, especially in winter, because there was always a lot to do in the vineyard. „In the steep slopes there it is never calm, there are several working operations one after the other. In winter the winegrowers rebuild the dry walls which fell down during the year!“ These were Achim Jahn and Andreas Rapp, winegrowers, so called „Wengerter“ in Esslingen. Work in the vineyards has not changed over the centuries. Please listen to Albrecht Sohn, also winegrower. „Nowadays we do the same work like in the past. The winegrowers and the wine are still in the foreground. For me this vineyard is a Museum, because it has not been changed much, the technical equipment has remained outside, it „rushes“ through the Neckar valleys. The location of this vineyard and the dry walls is exciting, as everything is so near to each other, the improvements and the past. We are part of them and we do our contribution to preserve it.“ One reason for the fact that the terraced vineyards from the middle ages are still here are the special environmental conditions for the wine: „There is a special micro climate here in the steep slopes in comparison to wine in a huge area. The wine has optimal conditions because of sunlight nearly all day in summer. The stones are warmed and give up warmth until late in the evening.“ The result is a good wine and the time of intensive work is worthwile. The wine is not only the reason for the century-long past of this cultural heritage, but also the basis for a future of terraced vineyards, here in Esslingen. „In 20 or 30 years I wish to have terraced vineyards still here and to enjoy to work in them. With the wine produced at this special place we can inspire the wine drinkers, our customers. So our work will be rewarded, with every „Viertele“ (quarter of wine) people will help to preserve the steep slopes. Cheers!“