Weinerlebnisweg 1a


The terraced wine yards at the Neckarhalde were created already in medieval times. Otto Rapp, chairman of the Board of the social club „Staffelsteiger-Verein“ and winegrower himself explains  the development of this cultural heritage and the aims of his social club. „The monasteries early realized that wine grows not only in the valley or the northern hills, but also at the south hill of the Neckarhalde, so they reclaimed the slope, built steps, waterfalls and walls. We hardly can imagine how difficult it was to do that, but it is very important for us to preserve this cultural heritage. We are very proud to have such a steep wineyard here and our social club tries to attract new members. Many think that they have to rebuild the walls what they are unable to do, but that is not the essential thing. We are happy when we get the annual subsciption, so that we can organize the rebuilding of defective walls. We have been very successful in the last time.“ There is an enormous pressure on the walls. Even if they are professional made they do not remain for ever. So regular maintenance is necessary. „We shall do everything to rebuild defective walls or build those walls which will fall down within the next two or three years. We cannot imagine the view of the city Esslingen without the wineyards nearby. Esslingen would not be as nice as it is with them and so we want to do everything to preserve this heritage.“ If you walk along this track you can convience yourself of this old countryside and it would be nice if his final wish would come true. We think you can get a lot of interesting information, you can have a beautiful view of the city center (at fine weather of course) and we want that you return home with the best impression of the viniculture in Esslingen, the city of Esslingen itself and that you can afterwards say: Yes, doing the track was a great experience.“